Spectrum and Regulatory challanges & Applied Oportunity for Its Ecosystemsnt and Competitive Economy

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Spectrum and Regulatory challanges & Applied Oportunity for Its Ecosystemsnt and Competitive Economy

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What is 5G Ecosystem

5G technology is expected to give a plethora of opportunities to telecom value chain players willing to increase investments in infrastructure to meet demands for 5G use cases. As 5G technology will be initially built on existing 4G infrastructure (i.e., non-standalone deployments), service providers and other value chain players can work on an incremental basis as a part of the 5G evolutionary process.

Telcos are constantly innovating to minimize cost and improve time to market for delivering 5G service offerings. There are multiple cases of partnerships across the value chain to innovate solutions for 5G deployment, which leads to the growth of new business models.

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Technology in Indonesia

To identified the current, challenges and opportunity of the Indonesia ecosystems

Industrial Needs

To Identify Uses cases for Industries needs of the technology

Technology Regulation

Identify regulatory perspective for 5G implementation in Indonesia

Schedule of Indonesia 5G Ecosystems Conference



Closing Statement from Indonesia 5G Ecosystems Chairman Mr.Heru Sutadi & Open registration & Innaguration for members of Indonesia 5G Ecosystems Forum Discussion

ID5G Community Launching

Community ID5GCeremonial launch ID5G

Session II, IMT 2020 (5G) Spectrum Discussion / Panel

  • IoT usescase and experience: market preparation and device on various technology trial cases
  • Mr. Teguh Prasetya Chairman of IoT Forum Indonesia

  • Government Readiness to 5G
  • Mr. Muhamad Jumadi, ST, M.M - Wakil Walikota Tegal

  • Vendor perspectives on Spectrum readyness
  • Mr. Wira Satyawan - 5G Ecosystem

  • Software developer and application
  • Artificial Intelegent; Virtual Reality; Big Data area, Augmented Reality Bangunindo

    Panel Discussion : Session I, The Technology perspective of IMT2020 (5G)

  • Goverment perspective on spectrum decission
  • Mr. Dr. Denny Setiawan, ST, MT. - Direktur Penataan Sumber Daya Ditjen SDPPI, Kementerian Kominfo

  • The Telco Operator perspective and readyness, in term of tariff, investment and ecosystem building
  • Mr. M Danny Buldansyah - Ketua Dewan Pengawas ATSI

  • The technology perspective
  • Mrs. Nies Purawati - Director Government Affairs Qualcomm International

  • Identified usescase from past technology experienes and other studies
  • Mr. Dr Khoirul Anwar - Universitas Telkom

    Vendor perspectives on Spectrum readyness

    Mr. M Rosidi - Director at Huawei Technology

    The Infrastructure readyness, Palapa Ring and other backbone fiber networks support the technology

    Mr. Anang Latif, ST, MSc - Direktur Utama of BLU BAKTI KEMENKOMINFO

    The Regulatory perspective on regulatory matters

    Mr. Dr. Ismail - Director General of SDPPI Kemenkominfo

    Keynote Speak Ministry KOMINFO RI

    Mr. Johnny G Plate - Ministry Kominfo

    Opening Ceremony

    Welcome to Indonesia 5G Ecosystems Conference 2020


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